10.9(水) 16:05-16:45 | RoomC



Intelligence Driven Cyber Security Solution
– Introducing CYFIRMA Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform

Hackers' activities toward Japanese organizations have been intensifying with unknown and more sophisticated approaches, partly driven by the increase of state sponsored threat actors. In order to proactively and properly protect organizations from pressing cyber threats, CYFIRMA provides with PREDICTIVE, RELEVANT, and PRIORITIZED Cyber Threat Visibility and Intelligence tailored to subscribing organizations. In this session, we will introduce CYFIRMA's cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform which provides; -Cyber Threat Visibility & Intelligence -Cyber Situational Awareness -Intelligence Driven Cyber Education, Incident Response and Vulnerability Analytics.
  • Targeted Theat
  • Incident response / CSIRT / SOC
  • Critical Infrastructure Security


Representative Director

Shuhei Igarashi