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"Security human resource development Next Stage! ~ In addition to "defense", the role of "offensive and active" appears, and what should we be do now."

In the DX era, such as Society 5.0, the roles required for security are also changing from the traditional ""defense subject"" to ""the foundation for promoting business."" Along with that, not only human resources who are required to be security specialists, but also those who need security skills while utilizing IT while carrying out their essential duties, there is a significant shortage of so-called “plus security personel”. In addition, Security human's role has been extended from defense to ensuring security and security, to aggressive role in reforming business models. In this session, I will talk about the background of why aggressive (active) security is important as well as protection in the DX era, and what kind of human resources are required due to changes in that era, what human resource development should be implemented .
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Toshihiro Hirayama