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How do you handle suspicious emails that still slip through the security gateways?
~The ultimate email security solution which protects by Human power finally~

Even with the email gateway and other security measures in place, the number of suspicious/malicious emails including BEC delivered to the inbox is steadily increasing. As a response to this issue, Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA) has warned that “it is important to share information in the company if the end users feel they received the suspicious email”. According to our research, about 10% of the suspicious emails which are actually reported are judged to be malicious ones. In this session, we introduce our solutions how to report and share information on the suspicious emails as quickly as possible using the power of the trained Human(End user), how to prioritize and handle a large number of reported emails and how to remove the malicious emails in inbox proactively.
  • Targeted Theat
  • Email Security
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC) countermeasures

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