11.16(水) 14:00-15:00 | アネックスホール F203-204



Quantum computers and Cyber-Physical Systems(CPS)for dealing with ever-changing times

*Japanese only


We, Groovenauts, succeeded in providing the world's first commercial service "MAGELLAN BLOCKS" using quantum computers, which solve optimization problems. Now, utilizing quantum computers and CPS, we are working to solve various business issues. Against the background that utilization of a quantum computer and CPS is important for today's society, in this seminar, we introduce how we are working to solve issues with actual examples.
  • AI
  • DX / Business Strategy

Groovenauts, Inc.

President and CEO

Eihiro Saishu

Eihiro Saishu has served as Chief Executive Officer of Groovenauts since 2012. He worked for AST (now Tata Consultancy Services Japan) after graduating from Waseda University. In 1998, he founded the startup company and ran over 13 years.