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What do we need to transform "Product Master Data" now?

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Presented byLazuli Inc.

Many companies have been working on DX and Digital Sales, where a company increases sales channels in a digital way, especially in the retail industry. This trend is irreversible. However, it is a huge issue for them to maintain the product master data, which generates lots of transaction data analyzed and utilized for DX. Also, they need each product master data for each single sales channel. Hideo Kitashoji, VP of Sales in Lazuli, explain how we can solve it by our SaaS "Lazuli PDP (Product Data Platform)" and support our customers to increase the top line and reduce the cost.
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Lazuli Inc.

VP of Sales

Hideo Kitashoji

Hideo joined Lazuli in 2021 appointed as a VP of Sales. Hideo has superb track record and experience in SaaS space (New Relic, BrightCove, Yahoo! Japan..).