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11.18(金) 11:00-11:45 | アネックスホール F203-204


Special Session

Software Defined Vehicle Trends and Key Technologies

*Japanese only


Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) drives recent outstanding transitions in automotive industry --- This is the way we can understand the direction of various changes including ECU consolidation. SDV is a game changer that 'those who have the ability to evolve software at high speed gain a significant competitive advantage'.In this lecture, we will discuss the importance of key technologies such as virtualization technology in SDV, new development practices such as cloud native, and trends in the development community such as AGL as an incubator for these evolutions, along with insights gained from the history of the ICT industry.
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Panasonic Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.

Director, Executive Vice President and CTO

Masashige Mizuyama

1988: Joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.  Assigned to Information Systems Laboratory, Technology Division Engaged in operating system (OS) technology development, software architecture, SoC/system architecture development, and industry standardization. Since 2009, he has been responsible for product and elemental technology development for mobile phones and smartphones. 2013 Head of Infotainment Technology, Automotive Business Unit 2017 CTO of Automotive Business and Head of Advanced Technology Development 2022 Current position at the time of transition to the Panasonic Group operating company structure