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Benefit of Cloud Systems for the Manufacturing IoT and Google Cloud Implementation Case

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The cloud technology is expected to promote analyzing manufacturing process data. Taking advantage of the scalability, it allows the user to start with a small trial, and scale it greatly later. "Data democratization" will be promoted by creating a cloud environment in which anyone can access standardized data whenever they need, and utilize the data with the latest ready-to-use analysis tools. It is expected to realize truly impactful, data-driven factory management.
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Google Cloud Japan G.K.

Industry Director, Manufacturing

Fusao (Sam) Sawachika

Sam has more than 30 years of experience mainly in the application of digital technologies to manufacturing processes and social infrastructure. Participated in various automation and IoT projects. Also contributed to the industry standardization for manufacturing processes such as OPC. Currently, he is promoting cloud utilization with the theme of manufacturing industry digital transformation at Google Cloud. A member of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers.


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