11.17(木) 11:30-12:30 | アネックスホール F205


Special Session

Towards a new era of IoT computing with mROS 2

*Japanese only


ROS (Robot Operating System) is a new generation platform that accelerates the development of robotic systems. ROS 2, the second generation of ROS, employs Data Distribution Service (DDS), which autonomously searches for communication partners and establishes communication paths. The speakers are conducting research and development on "mROS 2" an attempt to integrate the communication technology of ROS 2 with embedded technology. The aim of mROS 2 is to utilize the advantages of ROS 2/DDS, such as communication autonomy and flexibility, in embedded systems. In addition to introducing the contribution of embedded technology to robotic systems, the benefits of ROS 2/DDS are expected to be deployed in the IoT field. This presentation will start with the basis of ROS 2, and then present various initiatives for the integration of embedded technology, as well as the future vision of IoT development brought about by mROS 2.
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The University of Tokyo

Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Associate Professor

Hideki Takase

Hideki Takase is an Associate Professor at The University of Tokyo. His research interest includes runtime platform and system-level design methodology for embedded/real-time/IoT computing. He belongs to some tech communities, such as NervesJP, ROS Japan Users Group, IoT ALGYAN, hls-friends, TOPPERS project.