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11.17(木) 14:15-15:00 | アネックスホール F205




Save AI and IoT by Bringing the Cloud Computing to the Edge

Presented byPRATEXO, Inc.

Industrial systems face critical operational challenges. It is common to find solutions built with IoT technologies. Artificial intelligence is finally making its way out of the lab and into the field. These technologies will not achieve their full potential. Bringing most data to the cloud is not the answer. In this presentation, you will learn to solve these challenges by bringing the cloud down to the edge (Micro Clouds) where data can be processed securely, efficiently, reliably, and at the lowest cost.
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Blaine Mathieu

Blaine is a multi-time CEO, CMO, and CPO at both public tech giants and private enterprise software and Industrial IoT startups. His clients include the likes of ABB, France’s Total, China State Grid, SoftBank Corp, and many others. Blaine’s work has spanned North America, Europe, and Asia, and his passion for AI, IoT, and edge computing makes him a sought-after speaker at global industry events. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Blaine is now CEO of edge solution acceleration platform company Pratexo.