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11.18(金) 14:00-14:45 | アネックスホール F205


Special Session

The Importance of Open Source and the Establishment of Open Source Governance Structure in Companies

*Japanese only


Open Source Software (OSS) has become an indispensable part of today's software development. Not only that, utilization of OSS is also becoming an important factor in promoting DX and Open Innovation. On the other hand, in order for companies to properly utilize OSS, it is important to have a governance structure that can appropriately manage risks such as licensing. In this session, we will introduce the importance of OSS and the establishment of a governance structure in companies, as well as the latest trends in the OSS community related to these topics, using specific examples.
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Toyota Motor Corporation

Group Manager of Driver Monitoring Group, Value Chain Service and Technology Development, Technical Project Field of Advanced R&D and Engineering Company

Masato Endo

Since joining the company, he has been engaged in a wide range of intellectual property work, including the formulation of intellectual property strategies, and was instrumental in the establishment of the company's OSS governance structure and acquisition self-certification of ISO/IEC 5230. Currently, he is in charge of planning and developing new services related to the value chain business. He is also involved in OSS community activities as a volunteer, serving as the Automotive Chair of The Linux Foundation OpenChain Project and focusing on the Japan Work Group which he established with Sony and Hitachi. He has experience in giving presentations at OSS or IP global events facilitated by The Linux Foundation, Free Software Foundation Europe, Asian Legal Network, DLA Piper, Government offices, Universities and so on. He is a delegate of 2022 US-Japan Leadership Program hosted by The United States-Japan Foundation.


Toyota Motor Corporation

Intellectual Property Department

Miyu Tanaka

After joining the company, she was in charge of patent management and countermeasures against counterfeit products in the Intellectual Property Department. She is currently working on the establishment of an OSS compliance system and contributed to the world's first acquisition of ISO/IEC 5230, and has given many lectures outside the company, including a presentation at Open Source Summit Japan 2020.