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11.18(金) 15:30-16:15 | 展示会場内セミナー Room C


Thematic Seminar

[For those who want to promote DX] Explain the secrets of successful DX

*Japanese only


In order to strongly promote DX of domestic companies, IPA is implementing various measures in cooperation with experts, IT vendors, governments, etc. Based on our own research, such as interviews with advanced companies that have led the DX business to success, we will publish the “DX Practical Guidebook IT System Construction Edition Completed Version 1.0” in October 2022 This handbook contains various "measures", "ideas", "technologies", "examples of advanced DX companies", etc. to overcome DX issues and further promote DX to realize a digital society. In this lecture, I will explain the secrets of DX success introduced in the DX practical guidebook for those who are worried about how to promote their own DX.
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  • DX / Business Strategy

Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan

Researcher IT Knowledge Center


WORK EXPERIENCE ・Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan IT Knowledge Center, Researcher ・Fujitsu Ltd. System engineer, promotion, qualification system launch, strategy planning based on new technology research QUALIFICATIONS/SPECIAL SKILLS ・information engineer, Web designer, Marketing, Financial planner, Test in color coordination.


  • Company/DepartmentInformation-technology Promotion Agency, Japan Planning Department IT Knowledge Center
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