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11.17(木) 13:30-14:15 | 展示会場内セミナー Room D


Thematic Seminar

Assuring Hardware Security required for Edge Devices

*Japanese only


Presented byPALTEK Corporation

Edge technologies are indispensable for solving a wide range of social issues and improving infrastructure. However, malicious attacks and threats can undermine its value creation from the ground up. In recent years, threats have shifted from applications and middleware to hardware, and industry standardization and tooling technologies are being used to address this shift. This session will provide the latest information on security-conscious verification at the chip level of semiconductors as well as standardization efforts for more secure IP distribution and integration.
  • Electronic Design & EDA

EE Tech Focus, LLC


Akio Mitsuhashi

He worked in semiconductor design and embedded software development, then for an EDA tools company where he served as engineering manager and marketing director, etc. In 2016, he founded EE Tech Focus, a consulting business in the electronics industry.