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11.15(水) 10:00-10:45 | アネックスホール F203-204



The New Era of Efficient Communication: Business Innovation with ChatGPT

In this lecture, the history of AI, the essence of ChatGPT, and concrete examples of the productivity revolution brought about by generative AI will be explored deeply. How the technology of ChatGPT can optimize business processes, refine communication, and accelerate innovation will be examined. Through specific examples of prompts, the utilization methods and the extensive range of applications of ChatGPT will be understood. Finally, the strategy and vision that Microsoft is deploying around ChatGPT will be elucidated.
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Microsoft Japan


Motoaki Nishiwaki

An evangelist who communicates and disseminates all of Microsoft's products and many latest technologies. An "evangelist" is a profession that introduces products, services, and technologies in a manner that's easy to understand. Additionally, he/she engages in giving lectures and writing in areas such as communication and demonstrations, conducting a wide range of presentation courses in manufacturing, finance, government agencies, and educational institutions, among others.