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11.15(水) 14:30-15:15 | アネックスホール F205



The Future of IoT Devices and Edge Development in the New Era of Smart Homes(TBD)

The proliferation of IoT devices connected to the cloud in ordinary households and the emergence of AI-powered technologies like ChatGPT have led to the advancement of UX that bridges the gap between humans and devices, moving into the next stage. Beyond acquiring device status and remote operation from outside the home, the utilization of data that enhances device information and external sources, as well as maximizing the use of various web services, requires the increasing importance of edge computing in addition to the relationship between devices and the cloud. In this session, we will introduce the environment surrounding current home appliances, including examples from SHARP's AIoT development, and discuss the key aspects of device and cloud development to adapt to these changes.
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SHARP Corporation

Platform Business Promotion Division
Division Manager

Hironori Nakata

Joined Sharp Corporation in 1990 and was involved in developing communication software for fax machines and operating systems for electronic organizers. Later, took charge of product planning for Zaurus, mobile phones, and smartphones. Since 2015, responsible for promoting the development of AIoT home appliances technology and services. Currently, serving as the division manager of the Platform Business Promotion Division, responsible for overall AIoT service and technology development on a global scale. A board member of the ECHONET Consortium.