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11.16(木) 13:00-13:45 | アネックスホール F203-204



Sony's Vision for a Society Enabled by Edge AI Sensing Platform

With the advancement of AI and digital transformation, a wide range of IoT devices are connecting to the cloud, where data acquired from these devices is processed and utilized. In this context, Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation, which has been developing image sensors, has been promoting the construction of an Edge AI Sensing Platform to accelerate the implementation of solutions using image sensors. This platform enables the conversion of metadata (text information) through AI inference processing on sensor devices, and provides various functions to easily build solutions from edge to cloud. We would like to introduce our case studies and the society we aim to realize through these efforts.
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Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

System Solutions Business Division,
Business Planning Department, General Manager

Katsumi Minamitani

Katsumi Minamitani joined Sony Corporation (currently Sony Group Corporation) in 2007 after his 10 years work experience at a Non-life insurance company in Japan. After he joined Sony, worked consistently in the Corporate Planning Department at Sony HQ, responsible for making consolidated forecasts of Sony, as well as strategic planning and execution of M&A and investments. In 2020, he recognized the strong potential of the Sensing Platform as a new business and moved to Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation. In July 2021, appointed General Manager of the Business Planning Department in the System Solutions Business Division.