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11.16(木) 14:00-14:45 | アネックスホール F203-204



Looking for solutions to software quality and maintainability?
- Minimize the risk of changes by refactoring!

Presented byVector Japan Co., Ltd.

The speaker, who has an experience in actual development sites, will discuss the points to keep in mind and the effects of refactoring when restructuring structures with presenting examples of actual cases. The problems of those cases were solved by "refactoring" and which realised software quality and efficient maintenance.
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Vector Japan Co., Ltd.

Manager, Code Testing

So Sawada

Since around 2000 until 2017, the speaker had been developing software for ECUs of air conditioners and cluster meters at a supplier company in the automotive industry. In there, he had faced many of the typical problems in the software development such as quality issues and resource problems. Those experiences made him think more about the importance of testing and its tools, and motivated him to join Vector Japan in 2017. He continues to seek for the best solution to help software developers in the world.