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11.17(金) 10:00-10:45 | アネックスホール F203-204



NVIDIA solution to accelerate development and deployment of generative AI

Some notable generative AI service have emerged in last year, such as human like high quality chatbot and photoliaristic high quality image generator from script. These AIs have been spread widely and rapidly due to their simplicity, requiring neither complex system nor programs, and can be used with spoken words. thus rapidly democratizing AI. Recently momentum of not only utilizing existing services but development of original AI model with in-house data and industry data. In this presentaion, I will talk about some use cases and NVIDIA solution for generative AI development and deployment.
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Enterprise・Senior Director

Takeshi Izaki

Mr. Takeshi Izaki graduated from the School of Engineering at University of Tokyo in 1999. After receiving master degree he spent 16 years in Texas Instruments, where he develped DVD application processor, video codecs for mobile phones and DSP applications. Afterward, he led Digital Products Marketing division, where he was responsible for a wide range of business development from consumer to industrial projects. In 2015 he joined NVIDIA as a Business development manager for Deep Learning. Now he is leading Enterprise business division. He is also a board member of the Japan Deep Learning Accociation, a board member of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, Technology committee in NEDO and a strategic advisor for Oita Prefecture.


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