11.17(金) 11:00-11:45 | アネックスホール F203-204



Dell NativeEdge, the platform to accelerate edge computing

Presented byDell Technologies Japan Inc.

At the edge, large amounts of data are being generated by previously non-existent data sources such as sensors, robots, video sources, and other devices, systems, and IoTs that have exploded in recent years. Companies are turning to the edge as a key area to increase productivity and achieve competitive differentiation in the market. We will discuss how "Dell NativeEdge" can solve the unique challenges of the edge environment, such as managing security and dealing with distributed system operations.
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Dell Technologies Japan Inc.

Senior Manager, Systems Engineering - Telcom

Masaaki Amazutsumi

Amazutsumi joined EMC Japan in 2000 and has worked in marketing responsible for product strategy and promotion, virtualization and cloud solution promotion division focusing on VMware, and currently leads the pre-sales division as a solution architect for the telecom industry. He is also leading the company's internal initiatives such as the promotion of edge data platforms.