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11.17(金) 15:30-16:15 | アネックスホール F203-204



GenAI in IoT and Edge Domains: Strategies and Challenges

GenAI(Generative AI) is garnering attention as a technology where 'AI directly creates new value.' Differing from the classification tasks of traditional machine learning and deep learning, its implementation demands high computational power. Particularly when utilizing GenAI in small devices employed in IoT and edge computing, what methods should we opt for? In this session, we will revisit the foundations such as an overview of GenAI and prompt engineering, and introduce the current state of collaboration methods with devices including microcontrollers. We will explore the directions in which we can leverage GenAI in the embedded domain in the future.
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Technology Evangelist

Kohei Matsushita

After managing information systems at a Linux server manufacturer, Matsushita took the lead in the IoT sector from 2015, getting involved in ground-breaking IoT adoption cases through collaborations with mega clouds and low-power communications. He joined Soracom in 2017, overseeing lectures and writing activities to introduce IoT utilization and SORACOM's services to business leaders and developers.