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SDV : Driving Business Value with Configurability

To facilitate the Automotive OEM & supplier ecosystem transformation, there is a need for significant foundational capabilities that allow application developers to leverage abstracted framework to design, develop, validate, deploy and manage applications across millions of vehicles. There has been significant innovation in the Cloud segment, which can be leveraged, adapted, and applied to the automotive industry to enable this transformation.
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Microsoft Corporation

CTO, Automotive & Mobility

Pasula Reddy

Pasula is currently the CTO for Automotive & Mobility at Microsoft, where he leads the technology direction & strategy functions for the broader Mobility industry. His areas of focus & expertise include Connected Services, ADAS & Autonomy, Digital Cockpit experiences, Customer Experiences, Factory optimizations etc. He is also deeply involved in the application of Gen AI technologies in the Mobility industry, to innovate & streamline both in-vehicle & off-board applications.


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