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11.16(木) 10:30-11:15 | 展示会場内 Room AーC



Technology trends around SDV(Software Defined Vehicle) and Connected Vehicle

Recently, in automotive industry, everybody is taling about impotance of software in a vehicle is increasing. Also, the concept of Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) is widely discussed. In this talk, with the background of SDV and its actual status, the detailed software technologies related to it will be introduced. In addition, some of key technologies of realizing SDV, such as connected car technology and vehicle data analytics technology and its infrastracture, will be explained.
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Fellow at Digital Software Development Center, Toyota Motor Corporation

President & Chair of BoD, Automotive Edge Computing Consortium(AECC) / Advisory Board, Automotive Grade Linux(AGL)

Ken-ichi MURATA

Ken-ichi Murata is Fellow at Digital Software Development Center in Toyota Motor Corporation. He joined Toyota in 2008, and he was engaging advanced development of in-vehicle-infortainment(IVI) systems, and then he was a global chief engineer of IVI systems and telematics services. Folowwing that, he was leading corporate-wide connected stratgy, and was CTO at Toyota Info-Techinology Center in 2018, then he has been appointed as the current position from 2021. Ken-ichi is also acting as the President and Chair of Board of Directors of Automotive Edge Computing Consortium(AECC) since it was established in 2017, and also an advisory board of Automotive Grade Linux(AGL) of the Linux Foundation since 2012.