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11.16(木) 11:30-12:15 | 展示会場内 Room AーC



AI/data innovation from automobiles to space
〜Subaru・Synspective・Brycen Collaboration Session〜

Presented byBRYCEN Co., Ltd.

We will introduce the past and future of AI adoption in the manufacturing industry through examples of the use of AI in Subaru's EyeSight and AI utilization at Synspective, which develops and operates SAR satellites and satellite data analysis solutions in the rapidly growing space business. In addition, from the perspective of the training data (annotation) required for AI, we will introduce the importance of future data and the ideal state of the data industry in the DX society regardless of AI.
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Inc. Synspective

Executive Officer, General Manager, Data Production Department

Imaizumi Tomoyuki

Engaged in the satellite business at a geospatial information provider company for about 9 years. After developing a high-speed image processing system for the ASNARO-1 satellite ground system, he served as a project leader for feature recognition research and development from satellite images using Deep Learning. After that, he led the development of a remote sensing data analysis service using Deep Learning. In addition, since December 2015, he has been engaged in satellite image analysis research as a specified intensive research specialist at the Artificial Intelligence Research Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. (December 2015 - February 2020) In April 2018, he joined Synspective Inc. as the General Manager of the Solutions Development Department & Ground System Department. In May 2021, he was appointed as an executive officer. He assumed his current position in February 2022.



Chief of ADAS Development Department, Technical Headquarters and Deputy General Manager of Subaru Lab

Kanai Takashi

Joined Subaru in 2021. Before joining Subaru, he worked as an infrastructure engineer at an IT company. Engaged in design, construction and operation for about 10 years. After that, I worked as a cloud pre-sales engineer, and now IT for developing EyeSight recognition software including AI development at Subaru Lab and utilizing CG technology Leads infrastructure planning, design, and construction teams. Since October 2023, he has also served as Deputy Director of Subaru Lab.



General Manager, DX xTECH Sales Department, DX xTECH Solution Division

Akutagawa Masafumi

2001-2012 Experienced planning sales, business management, new service planning, and launch at a venture company. He is also involved in projects that are in line with the times, such as mobile phone TV-linked projects and Hatsune Miku Super GT participation projects. Since joining Brycen in 2012, he has been engaged in the launch of an annotation business and a new service-related service 9 years ago while conducting BtoB sales for the manufacturing industry.