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11.16(木) 12:30-13:15 | 展示会場内 Room AーC



Eclipse Software Defined Vehicle
- Open Collaboration in the Automotive Industry

The Eclipse SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) Working Group is a groundbreaking initiative that will change the automotive industry. It is a collaborative effort that involves car manufacturers, technology companies, and suppliers working together to create an open-source software stack that will define the future of the automotive industry. One of the main advantages of the open-source software-defined car is collaboration. The collaborative model will speed up the implementation of the software. The industry will be able to leverage the expertise and knowledge of developers from different parts of the world to create better, faster, and more efficient solutions. However, implementing open-source software-defined cars will also challenge the traditional way of developing software. The automotive industry has relied on closed, proprietary software for many years. Moving to open-source software will require a shift in mindset and a willingness to collaborate with other companies and developers. Another challenge facing the adoption of open-source software is that it is not yet seen as "series-ready." Some stakeholders may be hesitant to adopt open-source technology because of concerns about reliability and security. However, with the right support and collaboration, the industry can overcome these concerns and build trust in open-source technology. Collaboration in the Eclipse SDV Working Group will focus on the non-differentiating parts of the software stack. This means that companies will work together to develop software that is essential to the functioning of the car but does not differentiate one car brand from another. By working together on these non-differentiating parts, the industry can reduce development costs and focus on creating innovative features that set their cars apart from the competition.
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Eclipse Foundation

Vice President, Ecosystem Development

Michael Plagge