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11.17(金) 10:30-11:15 | 展示会場内 Room AーC



DENSO’s SDV and software strategies leading through CASE era

DENSO has set forth the ""environment"" and ""peace of mind"" as the principles of corporate management, and aims to achieve the ultimate goal of 0 by 2035, that is, carbon neutrality, which is a social issue, and 0 traffic accident fatalities. Ahead of the full-fledged CASE era, which continues to develop as a major trend in the automotive industry, we are strengthening our technology development strategies and human resource development efforts focused on software such as Software Defined Vehicle (SDV). Based on DENSO's foundation of reliable technology and quality, we aim to obtain new competitive advantage based on software, and lead the evolution of the whole vehicle system and the future mobility society. In this lecture, we will introduce an overview of our efforts in the terms of technology and human resources in line with our SDV and software strategies.
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Chief Software Officer(CSwO)

Atsushi Hayashida

Apr.1987 Joined Nippon Denso Co., Ltd. (present DENSO Corporation) Apr.2019 Head of Cockpit Systems Business Unit Apr.2020 Senior Director and Head of Cockpit Systems Business Unit Jun.2021 Senior Director and Head of Electronics Platform & Software Function Unit Jun.2023 Chief Software Officer(CSwO) (current position)