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11.17(金) 11:30-12:15 | 展示会場内 Room AーC



Accelerating Automotive Innovation at Scale

Presented byPTC Japan K.K.

Automotive technology companies are facing transformative years as software-controlled functionality becomes a key differentiator. Global competition becomes stronger, customers more demanding, and young engineering talent more difficult to acquire. Companies that build on current strengths and now innovate their processes, methods and tools will succeed through accelerated innovation and emerge as leaders. This session will focus on new approaches for fast-paced software-driven automotive innovation with efficient regulatory compliance. It will review state-of-the-art examples for integrated management of requirements, risks and tests with end-to-end traceability and agile release planning. The session will highlight variant management and strategic reuse concepts as a critical enabler for accelerated innovation. It will present new deployment concepts that support large scale engineering organizations to collaborate across different business units, technology domains and locations.
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General Manager, ALM Segment

Christoph Braeuchle

As the General Manager of the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Segment, Christoph Braeuchle leads PTC’s solutions for Agile Software Engineering and DevOps, Model-Based Systems Engineering, and Requirements Engineering and Validation Management. Prior to this assignment he was managing PLM Digital Thread solutions, including role-based apps for enterprise-wide collaboration, and advancing PTC’s digital additive manufacturing strategy as VP of Product Innovations. After graduating in Computer Sciences, he started his career as technical support engineer at MKS, a pioneer in integrated Application Lifecycle Management in Esslingen, Germany.



VP, Strategy & GTM, ALM

Dr. Danilo Beuche

Prof. Dr. Danilo Beuche works as VP of Strategy and Go-to-Market at PTC and is the former CEO and co-founder of pure-systems, a software company that created pure::variants, a software developed for the implementation of product line technologies in embedded software systems. Danilo began his career in the field of embedded operating systems and software families in the mid-90s. His research on tool development for feature-based software development at the University of Magdeburg ultimately led to the establishment of pure-systems in 2001. Additionally, since 2016, he has served as an honorary professor at the Institute for Information Systems (IWI) at the University of Leipzig.