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11.15(水) 11:30-12:15 | アネックスホール F201


Thematic Seminar

Utilizing Generative AI in Manufacturing
~ Ask ChatGPT for Kaizen Methods! ~

Asahi Tekko, a Tier 1 supplier for Toyota Motors, reduced its break-even point by 2.9 billion yen and added a profit of 1 billion yen while reducing power consumption by 26% through DX initiated by their in-house developed IoT, 'iXacs'. This is essentially 'Profitable Carbon Neutrality'. The secret lies not in numbers but in visualizing problems through IoT, accumulating and sharing know-how on improving identified issues, and fostering a culture of challenge. We delve into the 'Horizontal Expansion Item List' and the 'Higher Concept of Kaizen' that support the accumulation and sharing of know-how, and the secrets of cultural reform. Furthermore, we will discuss the utilization of ChatGPT to democratize Kaizen through 'KaizenGAI', which extracts Asahi Tekko's Kaizen know-how in natural language.
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i Smart Technologies Corporation


Tetsuya Kimura

After working in vehicle dynamic performance development at Toyota Motor Corporation, he learned the Toyota Production System and transferred to Asahi Iron Works Co., Ltd. in 2013. We fostered a company structure and culture that thoroughly implements improvement activities through DX based on in-house developed IoT, lowering the break-even point by 2.9 billion yen and increasing operating profit by 1 billion yen, significantly strengthening our profit structure. Recently, the company has been actively promoting carbon neutrality and has developed a technology to visualize wasteful electricity consumption, resulting in a 26% reduction in electricity consumption. In 2016, he established i Smart Technologies Co., Ltd., which sells improvement know-how using IoT. His book is ``Small Factory 4.0: Aim for the fourth 'small factory' revolution!'' Completed master's degree at the University of Tokyo in 1992.