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11.15(水) 15:30-16:30 | アネックスホール F201


Thematic Seminar

Understanding DX :The nature of the changes we face and their impact

"Digital" is a common topic, today. What and how the change come to us? We face a big change in the generation of the digital, and we have to understand the essence of the change by digital. In this session, we consider the nature of the changes we face and their impact, with our original view of typical cases.
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SocioLabo Inc.


Ikuo Nakagawa

Ph.D. by The University of Tokyo. In 2002, He started strategic research subsidiary in an IT company, Japan. He also started several new businesses in his carrier. He starts his own business in 2021 and providing consulting and lecturing for companies. Recently, through DeruQui, he has been discovering young talent and creating opportunities for them to grow and take on challenges.