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11.16(木) 11:15-12:15 | アネックスホール F201


Thematic Seminar

Business that will change with generative AI

Before we knew it, the term generative AI began to be used, such as ``This picture was drawn using generative AI'' and ``international rules for generative AI were discussed.'' Many people may feel uncomfortable with the term generative AI being used so often. Generative AI has quickly gained attention as a keyword for business reform. In this lecture, we will explain in an easy-to-understand way how it differs from conventional AI, what it can generate, and how to generate it. I hope that this lecture will give you an opportunity to actively utilize generative AI.
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Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

General Manager, Life DX & Data Science Department

Junichi Shiozaki

Graduated from the University of Tsukuba. In 1990, I joined Nomura Research Institute. My field of expertise include marketing strategy, mathematical analysis/models, and consumer values. At the company, I was involved in the launch of a new business utilizing data science as a person in charge. I am currently disseminating information on the "NRI Data Science Lab YouTube Channel".