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11.17(金) 11:30-12:15 | アネックスホール F201


Thematic Seminar

How to Build Own Dedicated Chat Environment Using ChatGPT
-LangChain and RAG -

With the evolution of ChatGPT and its increasing attention, many companies are considering the introduction and utilization of their own dedicated chat environment. However, security and quality have become unavoidable issues. This talk will focus on a method called RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) to build their own environment without leaking their information to the outside world as much as possible, and will also explain in detail how to evaluate the environment.
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Asteria Corp.


Kazuya Mori

I have worked at Asteria since 2012, and until March 2017, as Senior Product Manager of the main product, ASTERIA WARP, he worked to promote data integration products, with a particular focus on integration with new technologies. He was involved in the world's first blockchain demonstration experiment and consulting, and planned and wrote the book "Manga de Wakaru Blockchain no Torisetsu" (Shogakukan) and was granted a patent related to blockchain voting. Backed by know-how gained from his own programming experience, he strives to explain the appeal and potential of advanced technologies to the general public in an easy-to-understand manner. Recently, he has been speaking at seminars and providing consulting services on how to use ChatGPT and other generative AI. He is an evangelist for the Generative AI Association of Japan (GAIS) and a chairman of the Technology Application Group of the Blockchain Promotion Council of Japan (BCCC).


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