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11.17(金) 14:00-15:00 | アネックスホール F201


Thematic Seminar

Why does ChatGPT understand the meaning of words?

GPT3 and GPT4 are the neural net NLP models that were rapidly evolved by transformers using attention mechanisms. ChatGPT was built by tuning foundation models, and modeling human feedback and reinforcement learning, and chatGPT reaches amazing dialogue capabilities. Natural language processing has had inflection points in its evolution, such as Word2Vec, which graphs the distance between words, and LSTM, which is now able to understand the passage of time. How has such generative AI evolved? This session will not have topics of an outline of how to use chatGPT nor the topic of its impact on business, but rather a head-on explanation of the fundamental operating principles of generative AI in natural language processing, and a discussion of how machines understand meaning of words and how they make hallucinations.
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YAMASHITA Technology and Engineering Office, LLC.


Katsushi Yamashita

After retiring as an IBM Distinguished Engineer, he became independent and established the Yamashita Technology & Engineering Office. As a senior architect, he provides technical consultancy support services mainly to major technology companies and SIers. In the industrial field, he has provided various technical solutions to companies, such as architecture of in-vehicle connected systems and quality information infrastructure and IT/OT integration in factory automation, and in the communication field, zero-trust architecture and application architecture of multistage MEC for 5G networks. He is also involved in research on architecture building methodology, service platforms, self-sovereign identity, and generative AI. He has presented many technical seminars.He has served as a technical advisor since the establishment of UMP-JUST, an industry-university collaboration network of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering at the Tokyo University in 2020.


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