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11.16(木) 11:10-11:40 | アネックスホール F202


Thematic Seminar

SoftBank's efforts to solve social issues through DX

SoftBank's Corporate Business is creating new business that utilize digital technologies such as AI, IoT, and data, and promoting "DX in society" to solve social issues in variety of industries and domains. We will introduce our efforts, including examples of social implementation, and what we aim for in the future through DX.
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SoftBank Corp.

Vice President Digital Transformation Division

Haruyoshi Nakano

Haruyoshi Nakano is consistently involved in corporate business and new business, including business development and enterprise sales related to IoT/telematics/robotics. He joined Digital Transformation Division in 2020, curret position from 2021. Responsible for healthcare business, insuretech business, smart city business for municipalities, etc. Concurrently serves as Director of HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGIES Corp. and Director of LeadInX Corp.