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11.17(金) 14:00-14:45 | アネックスホール F202


Thematic Seminar

DevSecOps Strategy for Manufacturing Leaders: Management Innovation through AI and Value Stream

Presented byGitLab Inc.

In this presentation, I delve into how manufacturing leaders are integrating DevSecOps and AI into their strategic management. I begin by emphasizing the importance of DevSecOps, showcasing its pivotal tool, 'GitLab'. Following that, I shed light on the value of AI within DevSecOps. Specifically, I discuss how AI aids in streamlining software development, enhancing communication, reducing task overload, and efficiently summarizing information. Furthermore, I introduce the concept of Value Streams and explain their implementation in manufacturing for process improvement. Through this session, I aim to guide understanding of the transformative power of strategically leveraging DevSecOps and AI in the manufacturing sector.
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GitLab, GK

Senior Solutions Architect

Tsukasa Komatsubara

With an extensive background in software development and deep expertise in databases, security, and big data realms, I joined GitLab in 2022. Collaborating with top-tier professionals, I am at the forefront of technological innovation, striving to shape market-leading products. Possessing a profound grasp of the symbiotic relationship between 'Git' and 'Lab' within GitLab, I am dedicated to introducing a fresh breeze into its community, reshaping industry standards.