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11.17(金) 15:15-16:00 | アネックスホール F202


Thematic Seminar

Explanation of ChatGPT for engineers and business person

We will talk a little deeper about ChatGPT.We will talk about hallucination, prompt engineering, changes in the programming paradigm due to prompt engineering, and changes in the human talent that will be required in the future.
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NextInt inc


Shinta Nakayama

Representative of NextInt Corporation. After completing the Master's program at the Graduate School of the University of Electro-Communications, I was involved in research and development of information security and big data at NTT. Subsequently, I engaged in the development and operation of social games, data analysis, data analysis for e-commerce services, and development of sales promotion services. Founded NextInt Corporation in 2017. I provide consulting on machine learning and corporate training, among other services.