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11.15(水) 15:10-15:40 | アネックスホール F206


Thematic Seminar

Tthe voices and experiences felt during city walks through an unmanned navigation and guide service.

This is a DX (Digital Transformation) service that allows navigation without looking at the screen. Using commercial headphones, instead of viewing the navigation screen on a typical smartphone, it utilizes landmarks in the surrounding environment as points of reference, enabling an enjoyable exploration of the cityscape. In response to the current situation where autonomous navigation systems have diminished human capabilities, it promotes independent mobility in a human-like manner, offering guidance tailored to individual interests. Furthermore, through walking, it contributes to zero-energy consumption and well-being, while actively working towards creating a barrier-free and healthier extended lifespan in Japan. LOOVIC aims to connect people, energy, and healthcare, contributing to the realization of a society that creates beautiful landscapes in Japan.
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Toru Yamanaka

I learned about marketing and distribution at Iris Oyama, Japan's leading household goods company. I gained experience in the rapidly evolving field of broadband technology at SoftBank, one of Japan's largest telecommunications providers. Later, I worked at NTT-affiliated SIer and NIer companies, specializing in solutions and technology for corporate communications, mobile, and cloud services at NTTPC, known for its cutting-edge technology. At Amazon Web Services, the world's largest cloud service provider, I learned global standards for state-of-the-art service and channel alliance strategies. I also held executive positions in multiple startup companies, acquiring a foundational understanding of startup management practices. Inspired by my family's experiences, I was determined to address societal challenges and founded LOOVIC.