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11.16(木) 15:00-15:40 | 展示会場内 Room A


Special session

Model-based Development of Vehicle Software

Mazda has been promoting model-based development (MBD) at the system, hardware, and software levels to improve design quality prior to prototyping and actual vehicle verification. In the software area, we have designed the gasoline engine control as a specification that runs on a model by MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow, verified it with MILS, advanced HILS from as an actual control unit, and MBD for vehicle verification, and expanded into the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS). In order to integrate and control such dynamics systems and information control systems such as connectivity in the automotive transformation period represented by CASE, we are also working on model-based development of information control systems.
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Mazda Motor Corporation

Integrated Control System Development Division,
General Research Manager

Takamasa Suetomi

Takamasa Suetomi joined Mazda Motor Corporation in 1987. He engaged in research on driving simulators, advanced safety vehicles (ASV/AHS), and ergonomic design at the Technical Research Center. In 2003, as a senior researcher at the Technical Research Center, he oversaw research on digital human and electric drive systems; in 2012, at the Electric Drive System Development Office, he developed the Demio(Mazda 2) EV for mass production; and from 2015, at the Integrated Control System Development Division, he was in charge of control model development technology. Outside the company, he was Chairman of the Vehicle Performance Division (2008-2010), Chairman of the Active Safety Division of the same (2011-2014) of the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Director of Membership and Public Relations of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (2012-2013), and Director of General Affairs of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (2018-2019).