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11.17(金) 14:00-14:40 | 展示会場内 Room B


Special session

The Future of Automotive Development and its isues in view of spread of Over The Air Technology

Automobiles manufactured in recent years are equipped with a variety of computer-controlled systems and ICT terminal functions, with software playing an important role. As automated driving and electric vehicles (EVs) progress, the weight of software is further increasing, and demand for OTAs that enable periodic updates and downloading of new functions for the various software installed in automobiles under a network environment is also rising. In light of these trends, it is expected that "software-first" product development and manufacturing based on OTAs will advance dramatically in future automobile development. I would like to talk about these changes situation and how we should deal with them.
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Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd.

Manufacturing Industry Business Operations Chief Consultant

Tomoaki Saito

Since April 1990, I have been engaged in electronic control system development and MBD process development in the powertrain area at Mazda Motor Corporation. Since July 2017, I have been engaged in consulting work for function development and model-based development at ISID Engineering Co., Ltd. Since January 2022, I have been working at Dentsu International Information Services Inc. I have been engaged in consulting work toward the digital formation of electronic and electric control development including "Software First". Former JMAAB member, former Hiroshima University Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering visiting professor, JARI certified functional safety engineer, Society of Instrument and Control Engineers, member of the adaptive learning control research group contributing to Society 5.0, measurement and control engineer, Japan Reliability Society director.