11.15(水) 16:00-16:40 | 展示会場内 Room C


Special session

Business Model Transformation and SDV: Approaching the Next Generation of Car Manufacturing

The automotive industry is shifting from a sales-centric to a customer lifetime value-focused business model. This presentation will unravel the evolution of cars from mere transportation means to differentiated platforms enriched by software, deepening the connection with users. Furthermore, we will delve into the seamless, cross-industry user experiences enabled by updatable systems and connected cars, tackling legacy challenges faced by automakers, and transitioning towards Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV). Witness the strategies car manufacturers must embrace to drive this transformation forward.
  • Cloud Native
  • Automotive Software Expo


General Manager, Program Management Department (ACX) Advanced Features and Service Platform Division

Shinichiro Yamauchi

Shinichiro Yamauchi has worked extensively on the development and implementation of IoT platforms in the automotive, consumer, and medical industries. Currently, he is responsible for strategic investment in advanced features and new platforms for the connected car at Nissan Motor's Program Director Office. - 1999: Panasonic Corporation Worked on the integrated platform for digital home appliances - 2007: Toyota Motor Corporation Worked on the multimedia platform and in-house OS at - 2014: Sysmex Corporation Launched overseas manufacturing locations - 2016: Honda Research Institute Co., Ltd Developed the Connected Platform and 24PPX collaboration strategy - 2019: Nissan Motor Corporation Advanced features and service platforms for connected car