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11.16(木) 15:00-15:40 | 展示会場内 Room C


Special session

Automotive software development solutions by AWS and use cases of overseas automotive manufacturers

In the automotive industry, the scale of software is exploding due to CASE support. Software-defined vehicles are expected to suppress increasing development costs and software complexity, and to make it possible to update software flexibly even after mass production by separating software and hardware. In line with this change, overseas automobile manufacturers are developing automotive software on the AWS cloud as much as possible, solving various problems faced by current development. In order to support automotive software development in the automotive industry, AWS is strengthening cooperation with tool vendors and developing solutions. In this session, we will introduce solutions and use cases for solving issues related to automotive software development using the AWS cloud.
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Amazon Web Services Japan

Asia Pacific Specialist SA Team Industry Solutions Architect for Mobility

Hideki Masuta

・Software engineer for 24 years ・Experience software development and management in a wide range from embedded development, server side, and front-end ・Engaged in domestic and international automotive industry software development for the last 10 years ・At AWS, being in charge of leading Japanese technical experts for automotive industry