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11.17(金) 14:00-14:40 | 展示会場内 Room C


Special session

MBSE Solution "GENESYS" The Core of Engineering DX

Presented byZUKEN Inc.

DX in the engineering domain is indispensable in manufacturing, which is becoming increasingly complex. MBSE has been attracting attention as a means of approaching this issue, but many people say that they are unable to grasp the image of its use in actual design. In this lecture, we will explain the positioning and role of MBSE in the manufacturing industry, focus on how MBSE can be utilized in the business process, and introduce a concrete operation flow using Zuken's MBSE solution "GENESYS". If you are considering implementing MBSE, please attend this seminar.
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ZUKEN inc.

Business Division SE Business SE Department1 PI Solution Section Section Manager

Minoru Abe

Joined Zuken in 2009, assigned to EDA division, engaged in proposal and construction of electrical design PLM for various fields of manufacturing industry, with rich experience. 2018, transferred to newly established Process Innovation Promotion Department, started activities to spread MBSE to Japanese manufacturing industry, visiting various manufacturing industries to propose upstream design reform. He will assume his current position in 2022.