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11.17(金) 15:00-15:40 | 展示会場内 Room C


Special session

The Importance of File Systems in the SDV Era.

Presented byTuxera Japan K.K.

In recent years, within the era of the Software Defined Vehicle (SDV), the role of file systems has become increasingly vital. This trend is driven by the transformation in vehicular storage systems, notably the transition from NOR to NAND, as well as the evolution from bare-metal systems to POSIX-compliant OSs. These changes have underscored the need for file systems that facilitate rapid and efficient data access and prompt system boot-up. Furthermore, as autonomous vehicles become more mainstream, the importance of capturing and storing driving logs escalates. In such critical scenarios, sudden power losses, fragmentation, and device lifespan management are among the stringent requirements imposed on file systems. In this lecture, we will delve deeply into the pivotal significance of file systems in the SDV era.
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Tuxera Japan

Principal Feild Application Engineer

Ayumu Ono

After graduating from the Department of Information Science at Waseda University's School of Science and Engineering in 2003, I worked in embedded software development for about 20 years at leading manufacturing companies such as Fuji Xerox and Nissan. During this period, I gained extensive experience in both engineering and management roles. In 2022, I transitioned my career to Tuxera Japan, where I now handle both technical support and technical sales roles. Currently, I am dedicated to expanding the sales of file systems in the automotive industry.