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11.17(金) 13:30-14:10 | 展示会場内 Room D


Thematic Seminar

IoT labeling program launched!
~Digital Equipment Regulatory Status~

In the U.S., NIST IR8425 and the U.S. Presidential Order on Labeling were studied from a year ago to last year, and in July of this year, it was announced that it would be implemented by the end of 2024. In Europe, commercial certification schemes using ETSI EN303 645 are spreading in some areas, and activities are underway to implement the Cyber Resilience Act. This presentation will introduce the current status of Japan's study for IoT conformity certification and discuss the measures that Japan should take based on the trends in Europe and the United States.
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Connected Consumer Device Security Council

Representative Director


After working at Canon Inc.'s Central Research Laboratory, he worked in the R&D of various products and ISP business. 2003-2014: President of UBITEQ Inc. At CCDS, he promotes standardization and technology development in IoT security. As an educational activity, he teaches IoT cyber security courses for practical exercises for white hackers at several universities. Visiting Professor at the Graduate School of Information Security Institute of Information Security (2018-)