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11.15(水) 14:30-15:10 | 展示会場内 Room E


Thematic Seminar

Explaining the key points of system design using functional safety certified RTOS

Presented byeForce Co., Ltd.

Japan's robot industry has a high share of the global market share, and obtaining functional safety certification will become a must in the future to prove their safety. Obtaining functional safety certification requires proof of reliability and safety, but if a manufacturer's developer incorporates a multitasking function into the system, it is difficult for the manufacturer's developer to prove its reliability. The best practical solution is to use an RTOS that has obtained functional safety certification. This time, we will invite IAR as the moderator, and we will talk to the developer of E-Force and Safety Create, which has extensive experience in obtaining functional safety certification, to provide information on system designs that are subject to certification body audits for those aiming to obtain certification. I will give a lecture focusing on phases.
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eForce Co., Ltd.

Department Department μC3 Manager


Joined eforce in 2009. Since joining eforce, he has been responsible for the development of real-time OS μC3 products that comply with μITRON specifications for over 10 years. In recent years, he has been focusing on the development of the functional safety certified real-time OS μC3/Standard-Safety.


safetycreate Co., Ltd.

technical manager

Tetsuya Takayama

After gaining experience in obtaining functional safety certification for industrial robots at an electronics manufacturer, he began assisting in obtaining functional safety certification five years ago. So far, we have provided support for a wide range of applications, from FA for industrial robots and servos to commercial and consumer applications such as IEC60335/60730.


IAR Systems Co., Ltd.

Marketing department manager

Masashiro Oyama

Started his career as a software engineer at a Japanese semiconductor manufacturer, and was responsible for marcom, partner marketing, etc. He joined IAR Systems after working as a product marketing manager at a foreign semiconductor manufacturer. He will be responsible for domestic marketing.