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11.15(水) 12:30-13:10 | 展示会場内 Room F


Thematic Seminar

Software Development Strategy in Future

Based on Yoshio Shimizu's words on his sickbed, "How to lead brighter future in confusing derivative developments," I will introduce initiatives and strategies on XDDP to cope with "IoT","agile" and "DX"and survive in the next era.
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Association for Facilitation Of Rational Derivational Development /

Production & Management Institute

Keiji Kobata

Joined Denso in 1988. Engaged in the development of mobile phones and navigation systems. Subsequently, designed training curricula and served as an instructor to cultivate the next generation of development leaders. Also conducted engineer development through results-oriented technical and management guidance in both internal and external development environments. In 2022, assumed the position of Representative Director at (Company) Production Management Institute. Focused on on-site guidance for derivative development, requirements analysis, specification technology, process design, and project management primarily for major domestic companies. Ph.D. in Mathematical Informatics, Certified Industrial Counselor (JAICO)


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