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11.17(金) 14:30-15:10 | 展示会場内 Room F


Thematic Seminar

Self Learning AI Software Detects "Out of the Ordinary" in Security Scenes

The operation of commercial facilities, building complexes, and other facilities is managed by a large number of human resources, and is facing a major social challenge of a labor shortage due to a shrinking workforce. In order to solve this problem, the introduction of technology is indispensable, and many companies are considering the introduction of the latest technologies. In this session, while sorting out the role of video analytics in facility security, we will introduce approaches to solve manpower shortages and to enhance security quality through anomaly detection AI.
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CLAVIS Company

Mitsuo Hamada

Worked as a Field Application Engineer for EPC products (microcomputer, processor, wireless connectivity) of overseas semiconductor manufacturers since 2012. Conducted marketing activities for advanced sensing technologies such as millimeter wave radar and 3D ToF, while utilizing the knowledge of FAE. Currently engaged in social implementation of upgrading and improving efficiency in facility security by detecting abnormalities using AI image analysis.