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11.16(木) 14:30-15:10 | 展示会場内 Room G


Thematic Seminar

Kaga FEI’s IoT Wireless Solution

Presented byKAGA FEI Co., Ltd.

KAGA FEI Co., Ltd. is a global company which conducts designing, development and sales of wireless communication modules of Bluetooth® low energy and wireless LAN. We offer more than 20 types of wide-variety products such as world’s smallest-class modules and long communication range modules. You can find the best suited for your application. Also, we can offer suitable technical support for our module customers who develop IoT products. Our value-added support includes antenna measurement service, world’s radio law certification representative service (only in Japan), so on. With wireless technology as our core competency, KAGA FEI proposes total solutions utilizing KAGA Group’s technical capabilities and extensive experiences. * KAGA FEI Co., Ltd. took over a part of the wireless module business owned by TAIYO YUDEN Co., Ltd. in January 2022.
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Kaga FEI

Module Product Div.

Hiroki Koami

Joined TAIYO YUDEN Co., Ltd. in 1992. Assigned to the Kansai Sales Office in the West Japan Branch, he was in charge of major electronics manufacturers and parts manufacturers as a regional salesperson. Since 2013, he has concentrated on the FAE (Field Application Engineer) of wireless products and IoT products. With the business succession of Taiyo Yuden's wireless business, he was temporarily transferred to KAGA FEI Co., Ltd. in January 2022 as an FAE and assigned to Business Planning Department of Module Product Division. He has been making promotion and sales of wireless products mainly in Japan from customer's perspective such as building relationships with partners. His hobby is watching rugby games and baseball games, training muscles and riding bicycle.