11.17(金) 15:30-16:10 | 展示会場内 Room G


Thematic Seminar

What is the architecture required for SDx (Software-defined anything)?

Presented byeSOL

Efforts to apply SDx(Software-Defined anything) to all systems, including SDV/SDM(Software-defined Vehicle/Software-defined Mobility), are accelerating in various industries. This presentation will provide an overview of these trends and explain the software requirements for software-defined systems.
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eSOL Co., Ltd.

Software Business Management Technical Sales Technical Sales Director

Tomonori Kaneko

I joined eSOL in 1997 and have been involved in various roles and projects. From 1997 to 2003, I worked on developing commerce protocols using PKI during the early days of EC, IEEE1394 before it gained popularity, USB verification tools, network cameras, and other products. I managed the development of TCP/IP and USB stack products until 2014, after which I became in charge of technical sales management. Currently, I also serve as a product manager for real-time OS products.