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Privacy Policy 個人情報保護方針

About handling of personal information

NANO OPT Media will protect the personal information of attendees for the events organized and operated by the NANO OPT Media (hereafter called "the events") as follows. All attendees are required to register to participate the event. For those who registered will be automatically registered for the NANO OPT Media membership as well.

  • The office will oversee the handling of personal information at the events to ensure that it is managed appropriately in accordance with its own Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement. Please read our Privacy Policy.
  • The personal information entered will be used in the operation and management of the events and to provide notification of forthcoming events.
    The Office will send out direct mail via the post, e-mail, or fax, or use distribution proxy services to provide information on events, exhibitions, and conferences to be organized by NANO OPT Media, Inc.
  • In the events, we adopt barcode systems for visitor entrance management. If your own barcode printed on your badge is read at exhibitor booth, your personal information that you are going to resister will be given to the exhibitor. After your barcode is read, your personal information will be managed under each exhibitor and occasionally, it will be used for introducing you their products, services, and seminars.
  • When you register for any seminar or conference held within the events, your personal information including your name, company, postal code, address, title, phone number, fax number and email address may be provided to *the sponsor companies and organizations of those seminars.
  • These companies will be responsible for your personal information and may send you information on their products or services based on their privacy policies.
  • The Office may outsource the handling of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve its utilization purpose including the sending of notices and information, etc. In such cases, the Management Office will ensure that personal information is handled appropriately. In addition, such outsourcing may accompany providing the personal information to a third party in a foreign country.

*If you do not go through the entry procedure (including provision of your personal information), you cannot enter the Events. Thank you for your understanding.
*The sponsor companies and the organizations of those seminars are the companies and the organizations that provide sessions,and they are not always the companies and the organizations that the speaker of session belongs. If the sponsor companies or the organizations of those seminars are located in a foreign country, your personal information may be provided to a third party in a foreign country.


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